About Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology was founded on the belief that total wellness fuels performance. Physical talent is only one component of sport mastery. Sport psychology attends to the mental health and mental performance needs of athletes. Our goal is to help athletes thrive by nurturing all areas of functioning. 

When psychoemotional factors become overwhelming, it interferes with one’s ability to focus, relax, and compete with confidence. Mental health professionals at Sport Psychology support athletes faced with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, healing from trauma, and negative social or family dynamics. In addition, individual and group work can help reduce feelings of isolation and distress that often result when one is sidelined due to injury. By facilitating psychological growth and healing, practitioners enhance athletes’ ability to perform at their best.

Mindset guides success. Mental performance practitioners introduce athletes to mental techniques that promote athletic development. Strategies such as imagery, self-talk, relaxation, mindfulness, and goal-setting help athletes gain an edge. Coaches can also meet with consultants to learn best practices to maximize the potential of individual athletes and the team as a whole.

At Sport Psychology, we believe that athletic achievement is multi-faceted. We aim to recognize and build upon an athlete’s existing strengths and highlight areas that need improvement. Athletes and practitioners collaborate to establish personal and performance goals and create a plan for achieving them. We are your biggest fans and can’t wait to be part of your success.