I developed Sport Psychology to support the total wellness of athletes in our community and beyond. I wanted to provide a space for the sport population to address mental health needs, sharpen mental skills, and become more educated on how total wellness contributes to peak performances.

Over the years, I have noticed a decrease in the stigma that surrounds obtaining mental health support…but there is still work to be done. My goal in opening this facility was to promote help-seeking behavior among athletes and illustrate how mental wellness is linked to athletic achievement.

As the sport psychologist for the Los Angeles Rams, it is incredibly rewarding to witness athletic growth that results from holistic training at the professional level. I wanted to foster a collaborative environment at Sport Psychology so that we can address the intangibles of sport and bring the best out of athletes earlier in their athletic careers.

It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to Sport Psychology. I hope that you will take advantage of all that our facility has to offer. 


Sport Psychology is comprised of clinical offices to provide safe, confidential spaces in which to process the emotional ups and downs of life in and out of sport. Additionally, Sport Psychology offers a Mental Skills Lab to practice applied mental skills with a trained consultant. Weekly process groups will provide a forum for discussion and interpersonal connection about issues that are common among athletes.

The Hastings Library of Sport Psychology is comprised of a diverse collection of resources to inform, educate,
and enlighten the sport population. The library is located within the facility and welcomes visitors to browse or
check out books.

Sport Psychology engages in community outreach to promote total wellness among athletes of all ages. There are abundant opportunities for involvement, including workshops, presentations, guest speakers, and otherspecial events.

Individual Counseling
Process Groups
Guest Speakers

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