Jessica “Jess” Romero


Jessica (“Jess”) Romero is a Los Angeles native with a huge passion for sports and helping others. She is a dedicated and avid Mental Performance Coach who puts others’ well-being and mental health first. She completed both an AA and Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology, and a Master of Science degree in Sports and Performance Psychology. Jessica is a former athlete who competed in track meets, organized volleyball and organized basketball with two of those years being at the collegiate level. She also took on the role of “coach” during her years as a volunteer at several summer basketball camps and during her time as an assistant coach for the Cypress College women’s basketball team. Beyond the physical practices on the courts and the fields, Jessica has helped others feel and be their best selves by helping them seek their purpose in life. Through her personal brand of “Find Your Purpose, Live it and Thrive,” Jessica has had the honor and the privilege of working with people from all different backgrounds. Whether it be youth to professional athletes, performers on a stage, students, or parents, Jessica has helped people find who they really are and what they really want in life. Jess has provided support for issues such as getting over the stressors of being “perfect” on the mound, being able to get mentally ready to return to the field from an injury, knocking down the proper routine to hit a free throw, and even getting over test anxiety. Jessica vows to be there to help everyone get back to what makes them truly happy. Her life goal: help end the stigma of mental health, provide resources and information, and help people live a long, fulfilling, and prosperous lives.